Filter Holder Assembly, 25 mm

  • Available in fritted glass or stainless steel


Package includes:

  • Borosilicate glass funnel and base
  • Fritted glass filter support or removable stainless steel screen filter support
  • Anodized aluminum spring clamp
  • Silicone stopper
  • Vacuum filtering flask 125 ml



  • Filter diameter: 25 mm
  • Filtration area: 2.5 cm2
  • Funnel capacity: 15 ml
  • Outlet fitting: No. 5 perforated silicone stopper mounts in standard 125 ml filtering flask
  • Dimensions: 15.2 cm (h) x 2.5 cm (d)



  • Used to filter under vacuum/small volumes for particulate or biological contamination analysis


Filter Holder Assembly, 25 mm


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