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Micro Gear Basic Pump


WT3000-1JA micro gear pump can deliver high pressure and high-temperature fluids to provides flow rates from 85.7 to 2571.4 ml/min with the features of a small pulse. 


Compatible with Silicone Tubing (LST15)


Functions and Features

  • Acceptable pump heads: MG204, MG209, MG213
  • Operating mode: Membrane keypad
  • Prime function for fast filling and emptying
  • Display: 4 digits LED displays the speed of the pump, two LED lights indicate the running status and external control -status.
  • External input functions: Control the start/stop and the speed of the pump.
  • Foot switch: Control the start/stop of the pump
  • Communication function: Realize computer control through RS485 interface.
  • Memory functions: Store the running parameters automatically.
  • Cooling mode: Heat-emitting fan
  • Running directions: Clockwise