Miniature Peristaltic Pump BQ50-1J


Miniature Peristaltic Pump BQ50-1J has small flow rate and compact size, which can be mounted on your equipment rack or panel. The pump provides flow rates from 0.0002mL/min to 20mL/min. The pump can be controlled through hand-held remote controller, external control interface or RS485 interface. White and black casing are available.

Flow rates: 0.0002ml/min - 20ml/min

Max. Number of Channels: 1



Suitable for laboratory, analytical instrument.


Main Functions and Features

  • Prime function for fast filling and emptying
  • Memory function: Storing the running parameter automatically
  • Ideal for OEM: Compact size and lightweight
  • Installation modes: embedded or rack-mounted
  • Control modes: Hand-held remote controller, analog external control, communication
  • Tubing loading: Flexible, reliable


SKU: BQ501JWX1014