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Multi-channels Peristaltic Pump BT100-1L


The max. output torque of BT100-1L drive is 1.65 N.m. Multi- pump heads are available. The pump delivers flow rates from 0.002 to 500 mL/min. 128 x 64 graphic LCD displays running menus and parameters setting menus. The flow rate and the speed (rpm) can be displayed in the same screen. The display interface is friendly. It has flow rate calibration function to make the flow rate more accurate. It has many control modes. The external control can be realized through standard external interface or RS485 communication interface.

6-ROLLER YZ1515X PUMP HEAD AVAILABLE. Based on the customer's feedback and request, we have developed 6-roller YZ1515X pump head. It improves pressure performance and mechanical stability while reducing pulsation.


Functions and Features

  • Display can switch between flow rates and rpm
  • Calibration capability for more accurate flow rate
  • Graphic LCD together with rotary encoded switch makes it friendly and easy to use
  • Higher torque to accept more pump heads and more channels
  • RS485 communication interface available. Offering communication protocol to customer and customizing software according to customer's requirements.