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The Sterlitech CF042 membrane cell is a lab scale cross flow filtration unit designed to provide fast and accurate performance data with minimal amounts of product, expense, and time.

CF042 Membrane Cell Product Availability:

  • Cross flow cell units available in Delrin, PTFE, Stainless Steel, or Acrylic 
  • 1000 psi (69 bar) max operating pressure (PTFE and Acrylic versions are 400 psi)
  • Active membrane area: 42 cm2


Please note: A feed flow pump is required to operate the CF042 cross flow cell unit. We recommend the Hydracell pump by Wanner Engineering, which is a positive displacement, diaphragm pump designed for high pressure, lower flow applications. When ordering, be sure to specify the power requirements for the motor. The minimum power available is 110V, 60 Hz. 220 V and 50 Hz motors are also available. There may be an additional cost if a variable speed drive is required.

CF042 Cell Assembly, Crossflow