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The Innovator Cross Flow Filtration Kit is a plug and play system designed for conducting lab scale filtration experiments. With a total hold-up volume <1 liter in the test cell and circulation line, this bench-scale cross flow filtration system is also ideal for filtering valuable feed solutions and or small sample volumes. 


This assembly enables microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration separations using Sterlitech’s Innovator (CF016) or Explorer (CF042) membrane test cells. Our flat sheet membranes are available in pre-cut coupons to fit these cells. 


The system comes complete with:

  • a gear pump
  • feed carboy
  • stand-mounted membrane test cell
  • pressure control valve
  • flow sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • all the necessary tubing


 Cross flow cells are sold separately. 



  • Pressure control valve to adjust the pressure in the system
  • Variable speed knob on pump to adjust feed flow rate
  • Cell stand for easier access to membrane and tubing
  • Stainless steel or inert thermoplastic construction of wetted parts
  • Optional conductivity, temperature, pH and weight monitoring
  • Digital flow and pressure sensors

Innovator Volume Cross Flow Filtration Kit, 220V

SKU: 1160393