Intelligent Peristaltic Pump L100-1F

Intelligent Fluid Control, Unparalleled Experience on Touch Screen

Intuitive graphic interface and modular programming to quickly set up your own application process.
Powerful function and flexible configuration, make it easier to run multi-step complex programs.

Flow rates: ≤ 500ml/min

Max. Number of Channels: 8



Suitable for laboratory and industrial application


Product Features

  • 7 inch color display
  • Full touch screen and intuitive graphic interface
  • Easy-to-use operations
  • Customize parameters by programming
  • Parameter programs can be stored and easily recalled
  • Multiple function modules and intelligent algorithms are designed for a wide variety of applications, including routine and multi-step complex applications
  • Pump can be controlled through touch screen, foot switch, analog signal and communication commands
  • A variety of interfaces (USB, RJ11, DB9 etc.) for easy system connection
  • CE certified