Sepa Cell Only


The Sepa crossflow system provides continuous lab scale filtration that efficiently simulates the flow dynamics of larger, commercially available membrane elements such as industrial spiral wound membrane elements. By using a combination of Stainless Steel (SS) shims, feed spacers, and membranes, users can vary the operating conditions and fluid dynamics over broad ranges. With a maximum operating pressure of 220 psi (15 bar), the Acrylic Sepa cell provides a great opportunity to visually investigate the hydrodynamic conditions in the cell or the local fouling intensity.


Sepa cell Features and Benefits:

  • Accepts polymeric flat sheet membrane coupons
  • Mimics both laminar or turbulent flow conditions
  • Provides fast and accurate performance data
  • Offers judicious membrane use with small membrane active area

Sepa cell has a membrane active area of 140 cm2 (24 in2). Sepa cells are also available in Stainless Steel with a maximum operating pressure of 1000 psi (69 bar), which allows operators to conduct high pressure testings. 

In order to operate the Sepa cell additional parts and equipment may be required, which include:

  • Sepa cell body holder (for Stainless Steel Sepa only)
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump (for Stainless Steel Sepa only)
  • Feed flow pump designed for high pressure, lower flow applications
  • Feed spacers or permeate carriers which mimic hydrodynamic conditions of large scale membrane modules
  • Feed and permeate tanks which connect to the cell
  • Concentrate control valve to pressurize the cell

Sepa Cell, Crossflow