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The Sepa CF crossflow system provides continuous lab scale filtration that efficiently simulates the flow dynamics of much larger membrane elements. The cell body and parts are constructed with a durable 316 stainless steel that allows the user to confidently operate the Sepa CF over broad ranges. The Sepa CF membrane element cell can be used as an evaluation device, process development tool, or for small-scale production.


This assembly includes the Sepa CF Med/High Foulant Cell, 316 SS, 75mil, Aluminum Cell Holder, Concentrate/Back Pressure Control Valve and Pressure Gauge (0-1500 psi), Assorted Polypropylene Feed spacers and Permeate Carrier, 3/8” Tube Fitting for Cell Inlet and Outlet, and Permeate Tubing.

Sepa CF Med/High Foulant Cell, 316 SS, Assembly

SKU: 1230060

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