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Silicone Tubing


Designed for high-purity applications, Langer Silicone Tubing's ultra-smooth inner bore can reduce the risk of particle entrapment and microscopic buildup during sensitive fluid transfer. In-house analysis of the inner surface of Sanitary Silicone Tubing compared to other silicone tubing shows that it is up to three times smoother. Additionally, this smoother fluid path facilitates complete system cleaning and sterilization. Utilizing a platinum-curing process, Longerpump Sanitary Silicone Tubing eliminates the concern of extraction often encountered when alternative curing methods are used. It reduces user cost and time associated with process validation.



  • Ultra-smooth inner bore reduces the potential for particle entrapment Minimal extractable help maintain fluid integrity Hydrophobic surface improves fluid flow.
  • SSS series silicon tubing: smooth bore, fewer extractable and has 3 stops, length 1 m


Package Unit

  • 5 meters for all sizes except for 1.0×1.0SSS, 2.0×1.0SSS and 2.4×0.8SSS.
  • 12 pcs for 1.0×1.0SSS, 2.0×1.0SSS and 2.4×0.8SSS.

Silicone Tubing