The Sterlitech HP4750 stirred cell is a high-pressure stirred cell that is both chemically resistant and features a low hold-up volume (1 ml). This particular brand of stirred cell is able to perform a wide variety of membrane separations.


HP4750 Stirred Cell Product Benefits:

  • Max operating pressure is 1000 psi
  • Removable PTFE stir bar
  • 316 stainless steel


Safe Operation: Volatile solutions can be processed safely because the Sterlitech™ HP4750 operates on standard sources of compressed air or inert gases (nitrogen, argon, etc.). This provides the user with a variable, safe and consistent supply of pressure to effect membrane separations. 

High-Pressure Operation: Solutions with high levels of dissolved solids and high osmotic pressure can be separated with the Sterlitech™ HP4750. The cell is designed for safe operation to 1000 psig (69 bar). 

Removable Stir Bar: Concentration polarization at the membrane surface is minimized by a PTFE-coated magnetic stir bar mechanism. The stir bar can be driven by any standard stirring plate. 

Accepts Standard Membrane Discs: Sterlitech™ HP4750 Stirred Cell accommodates any 47 to 50 mm diameter membrane disc. 

Chemically Resistant Materials of Construction: 316L stainless steel construction makes the Sterlitech™ HP4750 resistant to most chemical degradation. Buna-N gaskets and O-rings are provided as standard with other optional materials available to meet operating requirements. 

Unique Design: The cell top can easily be removed to fill the vessel with up to 300 mL of solution. The cell bottom is removable for quick membrane change-out. The top and bottom are secured to the vessel with mechanical couplings. This unique design enables low hold-up volume, down to as low as 1 mL, so valuable solutions are not wasted.

Sterlitech HP4750 High Pressure Stirred Cell

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